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Your Exclusive access to Conor Daly's Inner Circle

What is the CD INSIDER PASS?

Your Exclusive Access to Motorsports Star Conor Daly Is here! Personal experiences, prizes and insider news are within your reach as he charges into the future of the internet (Web3), where the power belongs to THE PEOPLE through Polkadot.

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The CD INSIDER PASS is your ticket to exclusive access to motorsports star Conor Daly—and the chance to win unique prizes and experiences.  

Upcoming events

Sun, 26 May   |   Indianapolis

No events at the moment

What is Polkadot

Polkadot & Conor Daly: Revolutionizing Sports Sponsorship

Breaking new ground in sports sponsorship, the Polkadot community has chosen race car dynamo Conor Daly as its brand ambassador for the Indianapolis 500. This decision, decided using Polkadot’s decentralized governance feature, marks the first time a major athlete’s sponsorship has been determined by a community vote using blockchain technology.

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